Why the cute style?

Illustration of a what is testing

I have always been fascinated by visuals, just like programming.

In the first version of the website, I made a lot of pretty images:

It’s pretty, but I wanted it to also be more fun, so I got an idea:
Why not include fun and cuteness, like kawaii?
(kawaii in Japanese means lovely, adorable, cute)

Why does testing and programming always have to be so serious?
Maybe I should loosen up a bit and have some fun?

So I made an alternative gallery:

I loved it!

But what would be best for my site?
What would testers, developers, and others think?

An A/B test could give an result.
(An A/B test is a test, where I post both solutions, but the 50% users see the A version, while the other see the B version. Then we can compare which version, works best for the users).

There was also another option:
Who would I preferer to eat lunch with?
I might loose 98% people, if I use the kawaii style.
At the same time, the rest 2 % will be fun to eat lunch with!

So, why not try it?

So this is how this kawaii style came about:

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