Unlocking Fun in Testing and Coding!

Learn testing and coding with TDD and AI

Hey there, Adventurers!

Have you ever imagined that learning technology could be filled with as much fun and imagination as creating your own art? Welcome to bartek.dk, where we turn that imagination into reality!

Who Am I?

I’m Bartek, a Quality Coach, Test Engineer, and an AI explorer.

I’ve witnessed first-hand the transformative power of AI across different sectors.
However, it was the integration of AI into my own field that illuminated a path less travelled.

My mission is to bring the playful spirit of kawaii (Japanese for lovely, adorable, cute, etc.) into the world of coding, testing, and automation.

Why should testing and coding be all boring and only serious?

Let’s find the fun in it!!!

Crafting Automation Scripts: Your Digital Magic Spells

Remember the wonder of seeing a machine do something amazing for the first time? That’s the thrill of learning to code!

We’ll guide you through creating automation scripts that are incredibly fun to build but also fulfilling to watch in action. It’s like when my grandmother got her new washing machine and watched it do its magic.

And why not learn it with the AI-tools of today?

This is not another: “Learn to program” course. It’s a new way to do it with AI!

This is an excellent example: https://bartek.dk/2-learn-coding-with-ai/

The Magic of Testing and TDD Explained

But how do you make sure your digital creations do exactly what you want them to do, every single time?

That’s where testing and Test-Driven Development (TDD) come in. We’re here to demystify these concepts, showing you step by step how you can be the master of your code. To learn how you ideas actually work and what system-behavior actually needs to be implemented!

Precision in Communication: Beyond AI Guesswork

I had a dialog with Alan Turing (simulated with AI), about the future of programming. He pointed out, that programming is not dead, but more needed than ever before.

In a world increasingly run by AI, the need for precision in our commands and codes has never been more critical.

Yes, AI can guess what we need from our prompts written popular language, except it often guesses based on the majority’s needs.

TDD provides us with a tool for communicating our deepest thoughts and wishes to the computer and AI, ensuring our creative vision comes to life exactly as we imagine.

The future of programming is not dead, but programming languages will go from hardware-specific to concept-specific.

Are You In?

Ready to embark on a journey where learning coding and testing becomes a canvas for your creativity?

Aided by the charm of kawaii and the cutting-edge capabilities of AI?

Let’s not just code; let’s inspire and be inspired, blending the artistry of programming with the precision of TDD, to express our self and grow in areas we never could imagine before.

Join the adventure at bartek.dk – where coding meets creativity and imagination!

Looking forward to creating magic together,


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