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90 % done, but only half way there

There are plenty of examples, where business people struggle to describe “what needs to be implemented” and the developers struggle to communicate “what is being implemented”.

It is first when the time is almost up, the budget almost spent, that the business people can experience the product and make the necessary corrections. It is extremely expensive to do it so late, and that’s why there is a saying: “90% done, but only halfway there”

This does not only happen in the IT-industry, but most other places, where understanding needs to be validated and communicated.

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The challenge

Most of what we understand is intuitive and subjective, which makes it hard to describe and communicate.

This can be countered, by making our understanding testable and measurable, so it can be:
validated → communicated → implemented → and verified

Many things today are managed by:
subjective gut feeling and the verification of “what has been delivered”
instead of
objective data driven decision making and validation & verification of “what should be delivered”

The solution

I’m writing a few books at the moment on the following topics:

  • How to describe a product objectively, so it can be validated and communicated to the developers, then implemented and verified.
  • How to measure feelings (love, trust, courage, thankfulness, self confidence, self worth), to improve risk management and negotiations both in business and in our personal lives.
  • How to grow a new brain and changing habits, performance, and other important things in our lives.

I also plan to hold keynotes and workshops on the topics.

Bartek presenting at Test Expo 2019


Bartek twist and turns the content in a magical way making it alive and interacting with the audience in a way that’s both amusing and very educational.

If you have not had the pleasure of listening to Bartek then it’s a “must” in the future.

– Thomas Oxboell, Head of Digital Assurance & Test, Capgemini Danmark East

For a person that is known to have a high work pace, Bartek is an excellent sparring partner whom I can always go to with my most complex problem propositions.

– Ziad El-Wali, Advanced technical test analyst at NNIT

I was impressed with his vast knowledge of software testing principles and approaches, problem solving and technical skills.

– Nuria Rodriguez PelliteroTechnical, Team Manager, Laerdal Copenhagen

About Bartek

Bartek winter bathing in a sea of ice

Bartek is not a regular nerd.
He loves testing his comfort, ideas, and software, which makes him one of the leading test and automation experts in Denmark

Appreciated expert
Bartek was a writing contributor to the book: Testing in the Digital Age – AI makes a difference”

A world champion
since he scored the world’s highest score in a certification for a test automation framework

Why should you listen to Bartek?
Because he has been developing software since he was 9 years old and is researching how to deliver fast and spot-on.
He works as an independent consultant and has been working with: SogetiLabs, Kombit, Danish Agency for Digitization, Nets, Capgemini, DSB, DOT, Laerdal, Condidact, Effective-Learning, Ministry of Education and many others.

Contact Bartek

+45 2297 7821
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