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Software development is fun,

but dealing overwhelming complexity is not.

Get on the journey with Bartek into the world of software testing and development.
Follow Bartek and see how he solves real-world challenges
and be inspired to try out things for yourself!

Because testing is not only about quality assurance
but to make software development: easier, faster, less complex, and more fun!

Achieve more with
Test Driven Development (TDD)

Test Driven Development is a software development process that:

  • gives the fastest test automation (unit-tests are 1000x faster than GUI-tests to execute)
  • was developed to make the deployment processes faster and easier.
  • catches breaking changes, prevent re-implementation of bugs, and automates debugging.
  • automates documentation in the form of working code examples. (how something are expected to be used)
  • gives the developers ownership of testing and quality

(online materials are on the way)

Achieve more with
Behavior Driven Development (BDD)

Behavior Driven Development is an Agile development process that makes it easier for:

  • domain-experts to validate and communicate their know-how (specification)
  • developers to understand what they need to implement and what to maintain (implementation)
  • management to follow and manage the progress of the implementation (planning & risk management)
  • users to use the finished product (documentation)

(online materials are on the way)

Learn more about
Test Driven Reinforcement Learning (TDRL)

Test Driven Reinforcement is designed and developed by Bartek to study:

  • How the development of software can be automated.
  • How Artificial Intelligence can be controlled and managed by humans.
  • How to improve existing software development processes and methods.

Test Driven Reinforcement Learning is an machine learning algorithm that:

  • finds solutions to problems, applies them, and self-evaluates on feedback
  • can reconfigure itself on the fly with learning, unlearning, and relearning
  • can use different contexts and models based on changes in the environments
  • is built and controlled with test cases for easier usage, while the machine codes it self as an evolutionary algorithm.

(online materials are on the way)


“Bartek twist and turns the content in a magical way making it alive and
interacting with the audience in a way that’s both amusing and very educational.
If you have not had the pleasure of listening to Bartek then it’s a “must” in the future.”
– Thomas Oxboell,
Head of Digital Assurance & Test, Capgemini Danmark East

“It’s a gift to get the opportunity to work with Bartek. First and foremost, he’s an incredible skilled tester and problem solver. But what has impressed me the most is his ability to share his knowledge and help out his colleagues.”
– Rikke Lundgren Simonsen,
Freelance Software Tester

“His initiative, his keen understanding of the technical, managerial issues, his superior problem-solving capacities and his humanity and sense of humor made him a highly-valued colleague who will be dearly missed.”
– Nuria Rodriguez Pellitero,
Technical Team Manager, Laerdal Copenhagen

“For a person that is known to have a high work pace, Bartek is an excellent sparring partner whom I can always go to with my most complex problem propositions. I can highly recommend Bartek and furthermore he is a very polite person.”
– Ziad El-Wali,
Advanced technical test analyst at NNIT | Test automation | RPA

About Bartek

Appreciated expert

Bartek is one of the leading test and automation consultants in Denmark
and also was a writing contributor to the book: Testing in the Digital Age – AI makes a difference”

A world champion

He scored the world’s highest score in a certification for a test automation framework

Why should you listen to Bartek?

Because he has been developing software since he was 9 years old and is researching how to deliver fast and spot-on.

He works as an independent consultant and has been working with: SogetiLabs, Kombit, Danish Agency for Digitization, Nets, Capgemini, DSB, DOT, Laerdal, Condidact, Effective-Learning, Ministry of Education and many others.

He also does research in software development can be automated with Artificial Intelligence.

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Send me an email: design@bartek.dk
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