Putting the inner child into the text

I have a specific way of writing things. It comes from, that I have tried to remove emotional meaning from my words and use as much intellectual as I can. (Maybe it also comes from all the programming I have done, since my childhood?)

My point is, that this is not always easy to read or fun.

Since I have moved to a kawai style (adorable, cute & lovely) in my images, then maybe I should include the inner child in my texts?

All of this could be rewritten to:

Let’s chat about something super important – my way of writing stuff! So, you see, I’ve always been kinda serious, trying to keep emotions out and use big brain words instead. Maybe it’s ’cause I’ve been coding since forever?

But guess what? Reading my stuff isn’t always a breeze, and definitely not a party!

Lately, I’ve been thinking: since I’ve gone all in on this super cute kawaii style in my pics – you know, all adorable and sweet – maybe I should sprinkle a little bit of that magic into my words too?

What do you think about that, huh?

Lets vote for: 1) easier, 2) more fun, 3) both or 4) neither

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