Challenge your comfort zone

I am winter bathing in the frozen sea

The winter bathing season have started and I see forward to another winter of discomfort.

Yes, it is cold, when you need to break the ice with an axe.

I am not just taking a dip, but try to stay in the water for at least 3 minutes. I don’t use a towel or robe, but dry myself in the fresh, dry, and cold air.


  1. Because I agree with Soulaima Gourani, that I need to challenge my comfort zone, to train my courage. It enables me to handle discomfort better, when I need to (For example when I need to bring bad news or when negotiating a pay raise).
  2. So I can strengthen my brown fat (brown fat produces heat, while white fat stores energy). This enables me to be warm in the danish winter, even when it is windy.
  3. To do exploratory testing: how much discomfort can I take, in order to know my own limits, when I move from the comfort zone, into the learning zone to experience my limits just before I enter the horror zone. (it lets me remember to breathe and relax).

How are you challenging your comfort?

Or what price do you pay for not doing so?

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