Design & Test – is the best!

This is an old joke, but I had to add another twist to it!


Sociology is a subset of psychology – if you know how an individual behaves, then simulating the interaction between multiple individuals should be easy.

Psychology is a subset of biology – if you know how the brain and the rest of the body works, then psychology is just a “simplified” biological model.

Biology is a subset of chemistry – if you know the chemical processes, then simulating a biological entity should be relatively easy.

Chemistry is a subset of physics – if you know how matter and energy interacts, then all the chemical processes can be predicted.

Physics is a subset of mathematics – if you know how to build a model / system, then it is “easy” to observe a phenomena and build a mathematical model of it.

Mathematics is a subset of design & test – if you know that axioms (definitions) is what creates a model, then selecting and validating the axioms, is the only way to design the model.


I have become hopeless

Heinrich Fueger 1817 prometheus brings fire to mankind

The ancient Greeks debated that hope was a type of hubris (you have the odds and the gods against you, but you do it anyway). One could say that the alternative to hope is despair, but we forget that Nietzsche pointed out: “He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.”

Nietzsche’s “why” can be to increase the odds, instead of putting your faith in hope (and luck), that something unexpected could happen.

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How bots learn, unlearn and relearn

How is a bot learning to recognize images?
How is a bot learning to find lungs with cancer?
What if a bot is wrong? Can it unlearn to fix it’s mistake?

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What is a robot?

Could a robot from the future have a soul?
Could a fire alarm from the future have a soul?
Why are people open for robots to have souls, but not fire alarms?

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