Git reference

What is Git?

Git is a version control system that is used for software development and other version control tasks
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Purpose of this referencerguide

  1. With a reference guide, you can quickly search for and find commands and functionality, that you need, but don’t know about.
  2. The original documentation / reference guide is ‘long’, if you only need to find a single command.
  3. The original documentation / reference guide don’t give testable code examples, which you can experiment with and learn from.
  4. The multiple interactive tutorials are great, when you run them for the 1st time, but are to slow, when you need to look something up again.

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Password generator

Screenshot of Password-generator app

I wanted to make a password generator, instead of using one on the net because:

  • Security: Runs on client only (no server code). No password will be stored in any foreign password dictionary.
  • Security: Password generation is random, which can be verified in the open JavaScript source code.
  • Usability: Runs on mobilephone and tablets because of quick loadtimes and responsive design.
  • Usability: Generate many passwords at once.
  • Fun: Generate female symbol interpretation. Women will love them and think there are secret messages within.

Open app in fullscreen or use it below: