What is AI?

Let’s take a journey into the magical world of AI, which isn’t as new as you might think. It’s been growing and changing for thousands of years!

So, picture this: it all started with stories we used to tell each other, like ancient bedtime tales. Then, it got even cooler – we wrote those stories down in books, built libraries to keep them safe, and eventually, we even started learning about them in schools. Fast forward to today, where we’ve got the internet and these super smart LLM’s (that’s short for large language models).

AI is like the genie’s lamp of knowledge storage and access. Remember those ancient Greek mathematicians? When they solved a problem and shared it with others, it was like unleashing an oracle into the world, that could predict the future and answer all kind of questions!

And guess what? We still have oracles today! Meteorology predicts the weather, medicine forecasts our health, and psychology dives into our behaviors and thoughts.

We might not think of these sciences as AI’s, but they’re totally artificial and always growing and learning, just like AI do. The only difference? Back in the day, they ran on human brains, but now they get to run on digital machines!