Onsite workshop in Test Driven Development

Workshop in Test Driven Development

Let you developers and test engineers learn Test Driven Development

Test Driven Development also known as TDD is a method to describe quite complicated systems, without ever having the entire model in our head before hand. It’s about exploring one step at a time to experience what is needed.

We start from the basics of “what is TDD” and why it is important, especially in the age of AI with tools such as Git Copilot and Devin.

Then we will progress to concepts such as “Red, Green, Refactor”, Testing framworks, unit-testing, mocking, CI/CD pipelines, Behavior Driven Development, etc.

There is also plenty of hands-on exercises an we will also use AI tools to help us learn.

During this session you will learn about

  • What TDD is and why it is important, especially in the age of AI.
  • How to describe and implement complicated systems, without having the whole model in our heads.
  • Learn about Testing frameworks, unit-testing, mocking, and how to integrate it with CI/CD and Behaviour Driven Development. We will also use AI to help us.

The course caters to developers and Test Automation Engineers. A requirement is to know a programming language, such as Python, Groovy, C#, JavaScript, etc.

Bartek Rohard Warszawski
Quality Coach & Test Engineer

Bartek is a recognized expert in the testing industry and have been on multiple major IT-projects.
He learned to code at the age of 9 and soon learned the importance of testing.

Bartek have been teaching in Test Driven Development since 2018 and has his own AI-learning (e-learning 3.0) platform.


  • What is TDD and why do we want to use it.
  • Going from manual testing to unit-testing.
  • TDD with CI/CD and AI.
  • Walk through unit-testing and integration-testing.
  • Lunch 🍽️
  • Introduction to Test techniques.
  • Intro to fakes, stubs, spies, dummies, and mocks.
  • Test reporting and live-documentation.

Format: Workshop
Location: Onsite
Language: Danish / English
Duration: 1 day
Max. Attendees: 4-10 people
Price: contact me

Provided in collaboration with 7N Academy

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