Learn testing with AI

Learning programming with TDD

We’re talking about test scenarios, suites, and cases – it’s like unlocking the secrets to cracking the code of quality testing. And hey, ever heard of Gherkin? It’s like the secret language of testing wizards, helping us work our magic!

And the best part of testing is, that it is actually a programming language, except it is understandable by anyone. Yes, it is a little more primitive, than most other programming languages, tough it is only a question of time!


  • 🚧 Test cases, scenarios, and suites
  • 🚧 Process Driven Testing with Gherkin (Given, When, Then , Where)
  • 🚧 Data Driven Testing (Where & Examples)

Test Techniques

  • 🚧 Equivalence partitioning
  • 🚧 CRUDL (Create, Read, Update, Delete, List)
  • 🚧 Boundary-value-analysis
  • 🚧 Decision Table Test,
  • 🚧 State-Transition Testing
  • 🚧 Pairwise
  • 🚧 Exploratory testing

There are many many more, but I never had the need to use them.
They are mostly covered by these already mentioned and often it is better to do something than doing nothing or fail to do everything.

Test levels

  • 🚧 Repo-test (unit- & integration-test)
  • 🚧 Flow-test (system-test)
  • 🚧 End-to-end-test
  • 🚧 Shift-left
  • 🚧 Performance-test
  • 🚧 Recovery-test
  • 🚧 Comparison-test

Reporting & documentation

  • 🚧 How to create an overview for management
  • 🚧 How to specify a bug for developers