Keynote: A way to do Test Automation

What is test automation and how do we do it?

What is testing and why do we need it?
Important questions to answer, before we start automate it.

Testing is the empirical foundation of knowledge and therefore a very useful tool to navigate after. We dive into Test Driven Development: a method to describe quite complicated systems, without ever having the entire model in our head before hand. It’s about exploring one step at a time to experience what is needed.

We look also into configuration management of test data, because we need to encapsulate the complexity and be able to focus on what is actually important.  

Next generation of test reporting is not only about to see what has passed and what didn’t, but to use as live documentation, which illustrates how data flows through the systems and is always up to date!

During this session you will learn about

  • Have another perspective on what testing is and why it is important.
  • How to apply test driven development, instead of development driven test (and do proper shift-left)
  • How to encapsulate the complexity, so the focus can be spot on what is important.
  • How test reporting can be used as live-documentation.

Join Mohammad and Bartek for an interesting session, where we share our experience of our successful and not so successful experiences.

Bartek Rohard Warszawski
Quality Coach & Test Engineer

Mohammad El-Wali
Test Architect & Engineer

Mohammad and Bartek are recognized expert in the testing industry and have been on multiple major IT-projects together. Mohammad is a certified ISTQB advanced trainer, while Bartek have been teaching in Test Driven Development since 2018 and has his own AI-learning (e-learning 3.0) platform.

Format: Keynote presentation
Location: Copenhagen, Aarhus or online
Language: Danish / English
Duration: 30 min. – 2 hours
Max. Attendees: no limit
Price: contact me

Provided in collaboration with 7N Academy

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