What is a programming language

A raven is coding
A raven is coding

Let’s talk about something super cool: languages. No, not just the ones we speak, but the ones we use to create, talk, save stuff, find stuff, and even give stuff a makeover!

Think of languages like the colors in your crayon box. Just as you mix and match to create your masterpiece, we’ve got lots of languages doing the same thing in the big wide world. They’re always growing and getting better, like a never-ending adventure!

Here’s the really neat part: sometimes we need more than one language to say what we mean. Take programming languages, for example. They’re like the brainy ones that talk about logic and tech stuff, but they might need a little help from other languages to talk about feelings and emotions.

So, get ready to explore the colorful world of languages, where every word is a brushstroke in the masterpiece of life! 🎨🌟