This is what I am made of

πŸ“… 1981

The year of my birth

πŸ“… 1990

We got a Commodore 64 and my brother teached me programming.
This was my first program:

My first C64 program

πŸ“… 1991

The first time I ran 15 km (I was 10 years old)!

πŸ“… 1993

My first silver medal in a swimming competition.

Diplo of two silvermedals in swimming

πŸ“… 1995

Coded a gravity simulation in AMOS on the Amiga.
I figured out that gravity was not movement but acceleration.
I also learned about friction in bouncing and air.

πŸ“… 1996

It is great to be in good shape as an elite competition swimmer

I also coded a rotating star field with sinus and cosinus (my first vector based reference frame)

πŸ“… 1997

Coded 3D graphics:

Coded water surface simulation, with friction:

πŸ“… 1998

Rigid bodies (can’t find the program)

Build a lot of 3D scenes with different tools – this is a compilation of them – Little fluffy clouds

πŸ“… 1999

3D voksel engine ( I sadly lost the program)

5D sinus shapes (can’t find the program)

πŸ“… 2000

Was selected as one of the best high school students in physics in Denmark and got a summer-camp called “Kopernikursus 2000”

Designed particle simulation of liquids (The original C++ code got lost, but I later remade it in JavaScript in 2010)

πŸ“… 2001

Our physics class visited RisΓΈ nuclear reactor, where I was allowed to control the reactor to create an isotope!

Risoe nuclear research facility

Hard-coded my first neural network (The original C++ code got lost)
It was a bot (black dot) that had to follow a moving target (red dot). The bot had 4 cameras (North, South, East, and West direction) and a leg that it could move with. It had to learn to use it cameras with the combination with it’s leg, so it could follow the red dot.

πŸ“… 2002

Created a 3D video called “Embalypten”

πŸ“… 2003

Created a short 3D film about Appelsss

Was the programmer on a team that created the web game Alfred (can’t find the program)

Designed and tested a service to stream video (with up to 512 kbs ADSL)
and experimented with streaming games, but the lag was to large)
(can’t find the program)

πŸ“… 2004

Teaching teenagers in 3D graphics

Designed a news website, that sorted news articles based on your reading history. (can’t find the program)

πŸ“… 2005

God of Rock – was building 3D graphics and had to implement some changes in the FarCry sourcecode and recompile it

I also worked with Deadline games on Chili Con Carnage, a PlayStation Portable Game:

Examples of what I made:

bird 3d model
3D binoculars model
3D fountain model

πŸ“… 2006

Grogg a Halflife 2 mod

We even got an awesome email from Valve:

Dear Grogg Team,

I stumbled across Grogg and installed it this afternoon. I instantly gathered an audience around my monitor and cranked up the sound. I had to play the opening sequence several times so that more people could witness it from the beginning–and especially the hilarious narration.

My compliments to your voice talent!
Although the game is clearly (and understandably) in a rough and early state, please count me among your fans, eagerly awaiting future versions.

Auth Your fan,
******* *******

πŸ“… 2007

Wolf game to teach math

Normal mapping for web

πŸ“… 2008

Developed a Tadpole game that got published by Condidact for Danish schools

πŸ“… 2009

Bersin Award 2009

πŸ“… 2011

Became dad for the first time (home birth).

Was on the development team for a new computer-science subject for the highschools in Denmark.

πŸ“… 2015

Became dad for the second time (home birth)
Developed a pairwise algorithm in JavaScript
Developed a cycle process test in JavaScript

πŸ“… 2016

Started on my cartoon ”The Ramblings of Bartek”

πŸ“… 2017

Developed TDD teaching materials

Design and validate. Code and verify.

Became a member of SogetiLabs

Sogeti Labs logo

Became dad for the third time (home birth)

Developed a map generator

πŸ“… 2018

Was an contributing expert for
Testing in the Digital Age – AI makes the difference

AI article in a german magazine
English version (on the way)

World champion – Achived worlds highest score in LEAPWORK certification

Winter bathing 3 min. in frozen sea for the first time

Bartek winter bathing in a sea of ice

πŸ“… 2019

Became dad for the fourth time (home birth)

Test Expo 2019 – presentation

Bartek presenting at Test Expo 2019

πŸ“… 2020

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