About BRW Think Tank

The What

BRW stands for my name: Bartek (or Bartlomiej) Rohard Warszawski and this is my think tank.

The why

To teach and make testing and coding fun again!

Why does coding have to only be about functionality and technology?
It’s not about the symbols that we type.
It’s not about automation or good business cases.
It’s not about the hardware or coding methods.

It’s about the fun of exploration!
An ever-expanding adventure that we can get lost in ❤️

Let’s make testing and coding fun again!

Logo: BRW Think Tank

The how

There are plenty of solution on the internet to learn coding, so why even bother?

Well… there are plenty of influencers that jump in skipping rope. Some of their videos have 6 mio. views. There are male an female influencers who do that. Skipping rope is healthy (and fun), so why not inspire people to do the same?

The same can be said about testing and coding. It’s fun and useful, so why not inspire people to learn and do the same?

Why not show, what tools I actually use?
Why not show, how I test and code?
Why not show, how AI transforms it all?