Python is not just a programming language.

Python is also a neat automation tool, like a calculator, that can help you with many tiny tasks. 

I use it every day in test automation, like 

* getting the sum of all characters in a text, 

* scrapping webpages, 

* decipher system encoded texts into human readable text,

* splitting data or combining data,

* draw a graph of a dataset (more options than excel, even though they not always look as good).

* automating ftp access (to download or upload files)

* reading or editing Excel sheets with openpyxl

* and much much more.

Fun code example

list_texts = ["knowledge", "hardwork", "attitude", "bullshit", "asskissing"]

for text in list_texts:
    text_sum = 0
    for char in text: text_sum += ord(char.lower())-96
    print(text, ":", text_sum, "%")

What tiny tasks do you use Python for?

The following article gives great examples:

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