Changing language in Excel formulas

Excel sheets are often used by test automation tools as data-sources.

Writing an Excel formula is more complex, when you need to write them in other languages than English. Guess what “modulus” or “lower” is translated to in danish? 

Example translations


Yes it is possible to use a translation table, but it is much easier to change the interface language of Excel, which also will change the formulas (they will be translated automatically without breaking).

If you write them in English and a person opens them with Excel in danish (or other language), then the formulas will be shown in danish (or the other language)! Everyone will be happy. 

There are a few rare exceptions, where the translation will not happen, but that is because somebody used an old Excel command that use a string (text). These old commands have newer replacements, that can be translated

How to apply

Get english language-pack for office at:

Select Office version:

  Select English  

  Select 32 or 64 bit to download  

Install the language pack

Click on ”File”

Click on ”Options”

Click on ”Language”

Select ”English” and click ”Set as Default”.

Click ”OK” and restart Excel.

Let me know:

  • What translations you had problems with, but this guide helped you with.
  • What problems this couldn’t help you with. (Like a command that couldn’t be translated – There is always a solution)

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