The Meaning of your Life

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For people who want find meaning in what they do.
For leaders who want to give meaning to their people.
For humans who seek to find a meaning in their life.

If you had a great childhood, then everything was great
– until you realized that at some point, your parents or anyone would not be there for you.

This realization would come sooner if you had a bad childhood.

Without your parents or just bad ones, you would get hungry, cold, and couldn’t afford the dentist that you hate so much.

You could get a crappy job to deal with the hunger and the dentist,
but who would want a crappy job? You would if there was the risk of pain and starvation.

Is there any way to escape this?
“YES!”, by applying critical thinking.

Critical thinking is about adding multiple layers of thoughts between experience and action:

layers between experience and action

You are dealing with a threat in the top layer, while you are dealing with
opportunities in the later layers – which is a lot better!.

To put it short:
Meaning manifests when you act on a risk.

Negative meaning, when acting on a negative risk (threat)
and positive meaning, when acting on a positive risk (opportunity).

Finding the meaning of your life

If your life lacks meaning, then you are ignorant of your risks.
Ignoring risks is a risk in itself!

If you want your life to have positive meaning,
then you use your life to
deal with an opportunity
like creating a better world.

sign: oportunity ahead

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