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Write better specifications with testing

Introduction A specification written by the customer – often ends as incomplete, fragmented and with parts that contradict each other – makes it difficult to build for the engineers. A specification written by the engineer – often ends with a focus on details than on needs, and to difficult for the business to read/understand. So how to do it? By using Given, When, Then! Understandable Lego and IKEA have some of the best manuals/documentation, because…

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Coding & Test Automation Testing (How & Why)

Layers of Complexity and when to apply testing

Introduction Testing helps with complexity, but need to be applied at the right situation, to deal with complexity, without adding increasing it unnecessary. Complexity level 0 – clarity The code is simple and easy to read. How to deal with it: No need to test it and no documentation needed. Avoid comments – because you will need to maintain both the code and the comments. Outdated comments confuse more than help. A single comment can…

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