Software I recommend

Last update – 19-07-2017

Software list (Open Source)

  • 7-Zip – compressing/decompressing tool for zip, rar and other archives.
  • Audacity – audio editing tool.
  • AutoHotKey – for user automation (of keyboard and mouse).
  • Avidemux – video converter or extract audio from video.
    • See also under ShotCut video editor.
  • CamStudio – for recording desktop
    • Xvid video codec for grabing good quality.
    • See also under ShotCut video editor.
  • Blender – for creating 3D graphics (incl. GPU rendering)
  • Firefox – internet browser from Mozilla.
    • NoScript – for better security.
    • Firepath – for  xpath finding, for web & test automation.
  • GanttProject – planning tool (not multiuser).
  • Gimp – Image editor.
  • Git – version management tool for software development
  • Greenshot – for taking sharp screenshots.
  • InkScape – To make illustration, cartoons and other vector graphics.
  • Notepad++ – code tools with syntax highlight for a huge amount of languages
  • Python3 – programming/scripting language with editor.
  • OwnCloud – GoogleDocs alternative (Requires your own server or a hosted one)
  • ShotCut – Video editor.
    • K-lite codec – video codecs for compressing and decompressing video
  • SMplayer – alternative to VLC (mplayer for Ubuntu).
  • Thunderbird – an email client (great with imap) from Mozilla.
    • Guide for setting up Thunderbird with encryption  – this is with (but could also work).
  • VLC – video / mediaplayer that can player anything – including videos from the late 90’s!

Closed Source (but free to use)

  • SpeedFan – tool to measure heat in your computer
  • TeamViewer* – remote desktop tool (free for non-comercial stuff)
  • Y’ed – free tool for flowcharts and UML diagrams (Activity diagram, Class diagram, Swimlanes, etc.)

Online tools

  • Asciitohex – A converter between ascii, hex, binary, base64, decimal, rot13, url encoded, and html entites.
  • Grammarly – Spell and grammar checker (also a free version).
  • Mindmup – MindMap tool for Google drive (multi simultaneous users supported with Google drive).
  • Password generator – only HTML5 and access to source, so no password are stored on any backend.
  • Thesaurus – find synonyms for any word.
  • Timer – Timer in HTML5