My name is Bartek and I am a test automation consultant.

  • I help companies, teams, and projects with implementing and improving their test automation
  • and teach test automation skills, which includes both testing and software development.

Some of my key results:

  • Automated 540 test cases in three weeks by implementing Model Based Testing.
  • Reduced the maintenance cost by 98,5 % (API-testing suite), with context-driven-test-automation.
  • Implemented a test automation architecture (based on SOA), so 80 % of the automated test cases could be reused on 4 different platforms (web, desktop, iOS, and Android).

Examples of what I can help you, your team, or project with:

  • Implement test automation that is reliable, efficient, and easy to understand. This also includes teaching of the staff to run, maintain, and build further upon it.
  • Teach test automation skills, such as how to use page object model, write proper feature files, write maintainable automation code that is easy to understand, how to build proper mocks and stubs, etc.
  • Review your current test automation setup and suggest how it can be improved. I also help solve problems in test automation legacy code.
  • Define or review your test automation architecture, so it becomes easier to reuse the same test automation on multiple products in multiple environments,.

Contact me on LinkedIn if you

  • need help, review, or coaching regarding implementing or improving your test automation
  • want a workshop or a professional and entertaining presentation / key note.
  • like to drink a cup of coffee / tea with me