Context Driven Test Automation

Holding a lecture in content driven test automation

Holding a lecture on a #TestingTuesday: How to implement #ContextDrivenTestAutomation in #LeapWork.

Why Context Driven Test Automation? 
Because it will reduce the complexity and maintenance cost – Showed a simple example, where it was reduced by 97 %!

Why LeapWork? 
Because it is very intuitive to use, fast and stable.

5 reasons to use Test Driven Development (TDD)

1. A unit test with a coverage of 80 % sounds good, but the coverage is only verification that the code follows the specification / design. If the specification / design don’t solves the necessary needs, then both the implementation and the unit-tests would be an unnecessary expense. TDD can help you validate the design and not only verify the implementation of the code.

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