I know what you will do!

#Testing is used to predict the behavior of software and hardware, but testing can also be used to predict human behavior to perfect the user experience #UX #exploration #exploratorytesting

Me pointing at an icon of a man jumping with a parachute.

When I explore an application, I test how well the application solves a given challenge. I avoid the mistake to observe “how well a user uses the application”, but instead observe “how well the application serves the user”. This is a key aspect, because I don’t necessary want or can change the user, but I certainly can change the application.

With exploration you can design good system that can either help people or challenge them in the right moment (challenge is important, because to much comfort brings boredom, while to much challenge brings stress).

The following Youtube video shows an excellent example, when a game is designed to predict human behavior to make the game incredible difficult and frustrating, but also fun to watch as a spectator. Please see the video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C1ObitoLwhM&t=36 (warning – you are probably going to laugh and cry at the same time)

Read also how I challenge my comfort zone with exploratory testing and why I do so.

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