How Bartek ruined my life!

Written by a developer, who has worked with Bartek. This is a warning for everyone, who is going to work or want to work with Bartek in the future!

The story of how Bartek ruined my life. 🙂

Once upon a time, there was an innocent guy called Bartek.
Everyone liked Bartek as he was funny, but also very clever at his job.
Then one day our paths met, and everything seemed good at the start.
Every time we met in the corridor it was always a nice hello to each other.

Then one day it happened and my life has not been the same since.
I was in a meeting room minding my own business when Bartek walked past and noticed that the whiteboard markers were pointing up.

This started a long discussion on the proper way to preserve whiteboard markers so that they can be used without drying out. I also got a lecture on how to use the markers on the whiteboard so that the liquid always runs down to the tip. And with a smile, he said ‘Not easy for short people’.

Since that day, I have been obsessed with the orientation of whiteboard markers, and can’t go past one without setting it straight. I have even found myself compelled to give lectures about the lifespan of whiteboard markers to others. I have even met a fellow colleague who has also been trained in whiteboard markers by Bartek. It is like a little club forming. 🙂


p.s. Always leave the markers pointing head down.

(Kelvin is a friend of mine, who I have worked with on multiple scrum sprints. One day I got this message from him, which I had to share (of course with his acceptance).

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