Design & Test – is the best!

This is an old joke, but I had to add another twist to it!


Sociology is a subset of psychology – if you know how an individual behaves, then simulating the interaction between multiple individuals should be easy.

Psychology is a subset of biology – if you know how the brain and the rest of the body works, then psychology is just a “simplified” biological model.

Biology is a subset of chemistry – if you know the chemical processes, then simulating a biological entity should be relatively easy.

Chemistry is a subset of physics – if you know how matter and energy interacts, then all the chemical processes can be predicted.

Physics is a subset of mathematics – if you know how to build a model / system, then it is “easy” to observe a phenomena and build a mathematical model of it.

Mathematics is a subset of design & test – if you know that axioms (definitions) is what creates a model, then selecting and validating the axioms, is the only way to design the model.


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