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Types of Behavior Driven Development (BDD)

Introduction Many test-automation-frameworks support Behavior Driven Development (BDD), but they differ in how they apply BDD. There are at least three layers of BDD: Keyword Driven BDD Process Driven BDD Model-Based Testing Both Keyword and Process-driven will be explored in this article, while Model-Based Testing will come out next week. Before BDD Linear scripting is about hard coding each operational test step in a test case. Tools for capture and replay of user actions is just…

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Write better specifications with testing

Introduction A specification written by the customer – often ends as incomplete, fragmented and with parts that contradict each other – makes it difficult to build for the engineers. A specification written by the engineer – often ends with a focus on details than on needs, and to difficult for the business to read/understand. So how to do it? By using Given, When, Then! Understandable Lego and IKEA have some of the best manuals/documentation, because…

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