How to Bake an Agile Cake?

How to bake an agile cake

Imagine you want to make a cake – You find a recipe for a delicious chocolate cake.
The recipe describes a process, which is a linear system to predict and therefore control the output.

A process or a linear system requires the environment (like an oven) to be deterministic (read: non-changeable), for the process to remain predictable.
If your oven warms 10°C more, than the oven the recipe was made with, then your cake will get burned unless you compensate for the 10°C.

The environment in IT is constantly changing with large amounts of simultaneous changes, and therefore the environment can’t be deterministic –  No wonder processes are hard to maintain.

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Why automation?

Stepwise improvement is a lot better than stepwise repetition.

Automation is not only done by machines, computers, and robots.
Automation is about making processes unconscious, so we don’t have to think about them constantly.