I have become hopeless

Heinrich Fueger 1817 prometheus brings fire to mankind

The ancient Greeks debated that hope was a type of hubris (you have the odds and the gods against you, but you do it anyway). One could say that the alternative to hope is despair, but we forget that Nietzsche pointed out: “He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.”

Nietzsche’s “why” can be to increase the odds, instead of putting your faith in hope (and luck), that something unexpected could happen.

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5 reasons to use Test Driven Development (TDD)

1. A unit test with a coverage of 80 % sounds good, but the coverage is only verification that the code follows the specification / design. If the specification / design don’t solves the necessary needs, then both the implementation and the unit-tests would be an unnecessary expense. TDD can help you validate the design and not only verify the implementation of the code.

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TDD course in Bukarest with a satisfaction score of 97 %

TDD in Bukarest

Holding a workshop in TDD (Test Driven Development) for 2 developer teams (2 days each) in Bucharest, Romania. TDD is a design methodology for developers to make better software. – because good design is thoroughly validated design.

It was a very successful course with a 97 % satisfaction (and I have written the course materials myself!)