How bots learn, unlearn and relearn

How is a bot learning to recognize images?
How is a bot learning to find lungs with cancer?
What if a bot is wrong? Can it unlearn to fix it’s mistake?

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What is a robot?

Could a robot from the future have a soul?
Could a fire alarm from the future have a soul?
Why are people open for robots to have souls, but not fire alarms?

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Testing of Artificial Intelligence

Frontpage for paper "Testing of Artificial Intelligence"
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already changing our lives.

– Testers need to know, what to expect of AI, how to test it, what skills and knowledge can be reused.
– Product Owners needs to know, how AI is influencing their product and what they can do about it.

I have reviewed the paper “Testing of Artificial Intelligence,” and I can highly recommend it.

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Bot 3 – Statistical cognition – Unsupervised learning

The 3rd stage of my “Cognition Bot Taxonomy”.

The bot makes assumptions about its inputs and comes to its conclusions about its outputs – all on its own and therefore learns unsupervised.

The bot does that by building a statistical model to correlate its inputs with its outputs. Does this sound a little esoteric? Let’s start with an easy example:

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