Bot 1 – No cognition – No learning

The 1st stage of my “Cognition Bot Taxonomy”.

The “No cognition” bot is purely mechanical and is not able to learn anything else than it is preprogrammed to do.

A “No cognition” chatbot would work as a switch:

You: asdkasf
Bot: I did not understand you. Please write "on" or "off"

You: on
Bot: lamp is on

You: off
Bot: lamp is off

Python example (including source code):

Run the “” – requires Python 3.x
and type for example: “on”

“” is just for unit-testing.

A more complex algorithm would deal with more complex tasks, like a robot that cleans a room. For example, whenever the bot hits a wall, it turns 90° and continues:

The algorithm would have to be tested and improved, for it to deal with many types of rooms. For example, when it’s finished, it turns to a free path and starts over:

Two trips would have a good coverage:

Adding randomness

The algorithm could be simplified, by adding randomness.
Whenever the bot hits a wall, it would turn in a random direction:

The bot will not learn anything new, but with randomness, it might solve problems we didn’t think off, and therefore seem like it is intelligent.

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