Blog Series: Behavior Driven Development in LEAPWORK


Concepts such as “Behavior Driven Development (BDD)”, the “Page Object Model”, “Unit-testing”, and “Context Driven Automation” are important for automation:

  • BDD is used to include non-technicians in the software development process.
  • The Page Object Model is used to encapsulate an interface (for example the interactive elements in a web page).
  • Unit-testing is used to secure, that changes made to the units (parts of code), will not introduce any unexpected breaking changes.
  • Context Driven Automation is used to reduce the maintenance cost of automation by 99%.

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The blog is written in four chapters, that:

  1. Examines these concepts.
  2. Why are these concepts beneficial to use in LEAPWORK?
  3. How to implement them in LEAPWORK? (with examples).

You can read the chapters here:

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