About this website

Test automaton is often performed as a craft, but I want to elevate test automation to an engineering skill.

An engineer makes “a better solution”, instead of only “a solution”, because of modelling, prototyping, and testing.

  • A craftsman can use a water pipe.
  • An experienced craftsman will also know, what pressure the water pipe can take.
  • An engineer will also know, how to test the water pipe.

This website is my research in how to make test automation more reliable, efficient, and understandable. Incl. how to measure these three aspects.

It is important, because:

  • Unreliable test automation is worthless.
  • Inefficient test automation is to expensive.
  • To complex test automation is too dependent on specific people (if it even is reliable to begin with)

About me

I learned to code at the age of 9 and have been fascinated by software development for almost 30 years. In my late teens I found out that testing, prototyping, and modelling was essential to developing software, that I could trust and maintain.

I have an education in design and software development, because I see design and testing as two side of the same coin. If you test without designing, then you just verify a random design. If you design without testing, then its pure fantasy – which is okay until reality knocks on the door.

I live in Denmark (Præstø) and am married to an extraordinary woman, with who I have three (soon four) fantastic children. #AwesomeDad

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