Bartek Rohard Warszawski is a Principal Test Engineer.

#RealityHacker: Some people say Bartek is a wild horse, but that is because he is a divergent thinker. He doesn’t want to stagnate as an expert, where his expertise becomes more limiting than aiding. The following request: “We want a red line painted with blue ink.” will mostly be viewed as absurd, but Bartek won’t do that. “Thinking outside the box” is okay, but “trying to hack the reality we all perceive” is a lot better. Bartek did take a piece of red paper and paint blue ink around the line.

#HighPerformanceInnovator:  His expertise in #TDD 2.0 and automation makes him a high-performance innovator and a rapid prototyper.  Bartek has developed Context-Driven-Test-Automation reducing maintenance costs by at least 97,5 %. He also developed his own machine learning algorithm from scratch (Test Driven Reinforcement Learning) – If you need a problem solved – Bartek is the person.

#Mentor&Coach:  Bartek knows how to deal with complexity. He is able to mentor and coach developers to improve their development with Test Driven Development and unit testing, system testing, system integration testing, and accept testing. – If your developers need help – Bartek can empower them.

#Philosopher: Bartek loves applicable philosophy; He defines “knowledge” as the ability to predict a local future – if you can predict something, then you can prepare for it.

#AwesomeDad: He is married to an extraordinary woman, with whom he has three fantastic children.

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