Bartek is a Principal Test Automation Engineer, helping major companies with technical testing, test automation, RPA, and scripting. He adapts quickly and brings value to any team.

He have developed Context-Driven-Automation, with which he managed to reduce the maintenance cost of the test automation suite by 98,5 %

His experience as a trainer within TDD (Test Driven Development) and BDD (Behavior Driven Development), enables Bartek to coach testers and developers, with empathy and understanding.

Bartek is also a high-performance innovator; A customer once asked Bartek to paint a red line with blue ink. He took a red piece of paper and painted blue ink outside the line.

If you need a problem solved – Bartek is the person.

#AwesomeDad: He is married to an extraordinary woman, with whom he has three fantastic children.

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