5-7 years olds build robots

Kids playing with robots

Isn’t it early to start building robots as a 5-7-year-old?

Are the children even able to do it? – Yes the are!

On the 20th of may, I held a workshop for a group of children (with their parents), where each child builds their cleaning robot. There were a focus, curiosity, and lots of joy, during the building session and after completion:


It is incredibly important for children and society that children obtain skills for creating, rather than just skills for usage or even worse: skills for consumption.

By building robots, the kids experience that robots and technology are not incomprehensible magic, but something simple, useful and made of everyday materials (the 20 robots cost around 400 dkr. (~55 €) and it only took 35 minutes to build them!

Materials (links to danish shops):

In case you want to do it yourself:

dish brush

Dish brush, 5 dkr: http://www.ikea.com/dk/da/catalog/products/20233961/


Motor, 10 dkr: https://softgenie.dk/motor/576-1v-6v-dc-hobby-motor-type-130.html

Battery box med ledninger, 5 dkr: https://softgenie.dk/batteribox/1121-batteribox-1-x-aaa.html


Batteries AAA, 18 dkr: http://www.ikea.com/dk/da/catalog/products/80240505/

Paste, 20 dkr. (enough for 50 robots): http://www.harald-nyborg.dk/p5238/droppen-elefantsnot-50g


Happy building!

Tape, 20 dkr. (enough for 1000 robots): http://www.harald-nyborg.dk/p1399/droppen-tape-6-stk

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